JotCache pre-release download

Extension downloads in this category are available for testing and proving of new JotCache features. Generally is not recommended to use these extensions on live sites.

  JotCache 5.1.2 RC(Release Candidate)

Maturity: Release Candidate Released on: Sunday, 29 March 2015 16:29 Viewed: 338 times

5.1.2 New features
      - possibility to set extra expiration times for selected pages additionally to main expiration time used for all other pages
      - cache split based on selected session variables (e.g. needed for Virtuemart multiple currencies correct operation)
      Maintenance fix
      - page cache clean during POST request (necessary for maintaining of css/js files combination in JCH Optimize extension)
      - module exclusion from caching - jot tags adjustment in case when no template position attributes are specified
      - install procedure changed (upgrade part) with JotCache plugin parameters saving into database during install run

Release notes