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Here are listed oldier stable versions for maintenance usage.


Maturity: Stable Released on: Saturday, 08 September 2012 17:26 Viewed: 4398 times

Based on successfull operation of JotCache ver.2.x on many live sites it was developed next line of Joomla page caching extensions which have two new major features :

  • Exclusion of site template positions from caching processing directly in JotCache component management
  • Browser caching can be allowed for selected site pages/URI with possibility to set individual expiration time for each URI group

More information is included in JotCache ver.3.0 Help

Release notes


Maturity: Stable Released on: Tuesday, 31 January 2012 01:00 Viewed: 8448 times

JotCache new features of ver.2.0.x :

  • Cache management with faster opening on larger web sites – the cached files are presented with cached page titles and links, added more informations about cached page (browser type, language, non-routed query string), implemented items ordering, changed information about date/time of caching (incl. indication of expired or no more existing cache files)
  • Better exclusion of selected pages from page caching
  • Plugin functions for more powerfull autoclean (garbage collection) activity and browser caching.
  • Common installer for one-step installation of JotCache component and plugin in upgrade mode
Release notes

2.0.6 - maintenance version - warning/link to plugin edit shown when plugin is not last plugin in system plugins order (Plugin Manager)
2.0.5 - supressing warning message when deleting non-existing cache file
2.0.4 - extended list of browsers in plugin setting - Browser Split (added : Chrome,Firefox,Safari and IE general)
2.0.3 - new parameter for JotCache plugin implemented : Browser Cache Lifetime allowing separate setting of browser cache expire time along the server cache lifetime

2.0.1 major reengineering of the page cache solution :
      - cached page is recognized by page title in Cache management with the possibility to filter cached paged based on title string pattern
      - cached page title has link to related frontend page where link is available in internal Joomla form
      - management view columns have possibility to order items ascending/descending (page title, created, item Id)
      - management view column 'created' (containing date/time of first creation of cached page in server file system) changed to 'cached' (containing date/time of latest creation of cached page)
      - for better overview about cache operation and easier management two new columns are included into management view - browser, language
      - mark flag has link to marked page without any routing/SEF transformation (can be used for easy excluding of given page)
      - changing Management View list - on opening is not performed automatic refresh (long loading during opening of the page), expired pages are shown in the list with different format(italic font, cached time closed in parenthesis)
      - autoclean feature completely reworked for better garbage collection on larger websites with possibility to set proper load and speed of autoclean process in three steps : fast, medium, slow
      - cleanlog function is changed to reflect new expired files cleaning
      - used new JotCache common installer for component and plugin with upgrade mode


Maturity: Stable Released on: Saturday, 04 December 2010 16:54 Viewed: 8542 times

New features of JotCache ver.1.3 :

  • Possibility to set different page caches based on user browser type. Standart options allows to have different caches for Internet Explorer browsers - IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9. All other browser types are using common page cache. When used template system has separate templates for mobile phones then here is possibility to exclude mobile users from page caching.
  • Cache autoclean function allowing regular cleaning of expired page files from the server file system during normal operation of JotCache plugin. Proper setting of auto clean function is supported with optional logging of main parameters of the clean operations.
Release notes

1.2.1 - maintenance update - validation script jotcache.js reworked. Now here is corrected behavior in IE8 browser.
1.2.0 - website page exclusions from caching (in cases when necessary) extended to any parameter pair (key=value) in URL query string. Exclusion of entire components or only some component views is retained from previous version of JotCache.
      - exclusion management improved with additional validation and easier operation
      - this version supports new JotCache plugin, ver.1.2.0, suitable also for components using Joomla non-standart URL query string (e.g. Virtuemart)
1.1.1 - expanding list of excluded components
      - suppress warning for PHP 5.3
1.1.0 - allowing exclusion of components/views from caching processing
      - introduced backend check of cached web pages via switched on marking for JotCache administrator (important for fast reset of cached pages).
      -  two important changes to Cache management operation. At first JotCache component is now showing ONLY active cached pages (pages not yet expired). Second change relates to reassigned Refresh button on the toolbar. Refresh button has no more synchronising action between database and cache file system, but it is now assigned to pure refresh of cached pages list (for administrator convenience when he works with opened Cache management page)
1.0.1 - basic solution for Joomla 1.5.x framework