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JotComponents - Used on sites
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JotComponents - FAQ
JotComponents - JotCache 5.1 for Joomla 3.3/3.4
JotComponents - JotCache 5.0.1 released
JotComponents - JotCache ver.4.2.2 used with Virtuemart 2 currency selection
JotComponents - JotCache 5.0.RC with memcached storage and other new features
JotComponents - JotCache 4.0 with recache functions
JotComponents - JotCache 5.0.RC2 now available
JotComponents - JotCache 4.1 for Joomla 3.2 - what is new
JotComponents - Mobile devices recognition in JotCache 3.1
JotComponents - JotCache for Joomla 3.0 available
JotComponents - JotCache ver.3.0.2 with exclusion of site template positions and browser cache management
JotComponents - JotCache plugin with module exclusions from page cache
JotComponents - JotCache ver.2.0.7 - important upgrade for Joomla 2.5
JotComponents - JotCache 2.0 for Joomla 2.5 framework
JotComponents - JotCache 2.0 – New level of Joomla page caching
JotComponents - JotCache Plugin ver.1.3 - browser split and auto clean functions
JotComponents - JotCache Plugin upgrade to ver.1.2.2
JotComponents - JotCache Plugin ver.1.3.1 - better cleaning and feeds
JotComponents - JotCache ver.1.3 - Component & Plugin for Joomla 1.6 available
JotComponents - Maintenance release of JotCache - ver.1.2.1
JotComponents - JotCache ver.1.2 - Joomla Page Caching Extended
JotComponents - JotCache ver.1.1 - Page Caching with powerful management
JotComponents - JotCache Plugin - maintenance release ver.1.0.2
JotComponents - JotCache - Advanced page caching solution for Joomla 1.5 available
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Actual versions
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Actual versions
Actual versions
Actual versions
Actual versions
Actual versions
Actual versions
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Pre-release download category
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jotcache-help 11 pages
JotComponents - JotCache ver.4.1 Help
JotComponents - JotCache ver.5.x Help
JotComponents - JotCache ver.4.2 Help
JotComponents - JotCache ver.4.0 Help
JotComponents - JotCache ver.3.2 Help
JotComponents - JotCache ver.3.1 Help
JotComponents - JotCache ver.3.0 Help
JotComponents - JotCache ver.2.0 Help
JotComponents - JotCache ver.1.3 Help
JotComponents - JotCache ver.1.2 Help
JotComponents - JotCache ver.1.1 Help
faq 9 pages
JotComponents - Cached content for different browsers
JotComponents - Cached content output is not correct (loosing some styling and/or some parts of the page)
JotComponents - Explaining JotCache caching processes
JotComponents - Long processing when Cache Management is opened
JotComponents - Problem with RSS and ATOM
JotComponents - Some javascript code is not working properly
JotComponents - Using Google translator with JotCache
JotComponents - Using SH404sef with JotCache
JotComponents - Using Virtuemart with JotCache
joteasycron 3 pages
JotComponents - JotEasyCron - cache (health) care in limited environment
JotComponents - JotEasyCron plugin - external cron with EasyCron service
joteasycron-download 1 page
tools 1 page
JotComponents - JAntRun
forum 11 pages
JotCache Pre-release Feedback - JotComponents Forum
Categories - JotComponents Forum
JotCache compatibility with other Joomla extensions - JotComponents Forum
JotCache operation / maintenance - JotComponents Forum
JotCache Extension - JotComponents Forum
JotCache installation / setup - JotComponents Forum
JotCache usage / used on sites - JotComponents Forum
Official Announcements about JotCache - JotComponents Forum
General Informations - JotComponents Forum
JotCache Forum - JotComponents Forum
8-jotcache-compatibility-with-other-joomla-extensions 58 pages
Problem with Yootheme Widgetkit
some issues with Breezingforms
Some Javascripts not working
Problem with optimize
RSRorms!Pro not working with JOTCache
Confilict with Responsivizer
JotCache exclude Modules Help
JotCache with yvBBCode
Jotcache and Magic Thumb
Virtuemart category page products showed twice
Virtual domain Plugins System and JotCache?
Problems with FreiChat and cacheing
JotCache and Hikashop
JotCache and VIrtuemart 2 category pages - issue
JotCache with Chameleon
Exclude by URL
Trying to exclude a Jumi module
Jotcache & CompoJoom comments
JotCache and Joomla SEF
jotcache deactivates email cloaking
JotCache HTML Compress derange core e-mail cloak
JotCache and Jomsocial FB Connect Button
Not working with JomSocial registration
Banner slider module would not show
JotCache compatibility with other Joomla extensions - JotComponents Forum
Module positions excluded don't work
K2 & JOTCACHE : exclude from cache "K2 Rating"
Jotcache enable, mobile template compatibility
JotCache compatibility with other Joomla extensions - JotComponents Forum
Invalid Token with EasySocial
Jotcache and Joomla Ad Agency
Using JotCache with RokSprocket from Rockettheme
Easysocial messeages
Problem with CDN
JotCache with RsForms module embedded in Cobalt .
JotCache exclude Modules
sh404sef problem
k2 component creates error
JotCache and StoreLocator Issue
Trying to exclude a Countdown Module
Jotcache breaking my rockettheme menu
Smart Search Auto Suggestion not working
Jotcache and Simple Disqus problem
Jot slideshow intercepts the json response from JR
weird output text when enabling jotcache plugin
Jotcache and jQuery Easy
JotCache + Popup Anywhere
JotCache + JComments
Compatible with MijoShop and MijoSef?
Jotcache breaks jreviews captcha image
Jotcache and VM 2
Multi domains / Multi lingual plg_languagedomains
jotcache + varnish... also logged in users...
jb type plugin seems incompatible with JotCache?
Jotcache with RSForm
Jot Cache with ACE SEF URL's
jotCache and Virtuemart Popup
7-jotcache-operation-maintenance 95 pages
Crawler not working?
Caching per Joomla Language/Domain
recommended settings for cron, include urls etc
K2 Attachments No Longer Working
Fatal error when excluding cart
How to confige the cache auto clean
Browser caching question
Sometime IP is presented in site links
Recaching add some text at begin of HTML
JotCache Admin buttons broken?
Problem with memcache
Jotcache recache Script preparation
Automatic recaching based on events
Not Working on Joomla 3.3.3
Clean Jotcache from frontend
Content Id and recache using cron
JotCache Windows Compatibility with Wincache
Recache gives internal server error
FrontEnd ReCaching
Permission denied
Best practice for my site
Virtuemart Cart module position exclusion
Internal server error
jotcache jquery errors after install
content refresh
VM2 Pagination
Exclude all, but include some URLs
Article changes not applied
Module Position Excluded from Caching - Problems
Advice regarding auto-generating JOT cache
JotCache operation / maintenance - JotComponents Forum
JotCache operation / maintenance - JotComponents Forum
JotCache operation / maintenance - JotComponents Forum
Cache delete folder permission problem
How does the <jot> look for html5 template?
Should com_jotcache be excluded from cache
Issues of JotCache 5.1.0 on J! 3.4.0
Problems with J3.4
JotCache generates me white page as main page :(
Different style of several rows on "overview" page
Delete functions in backend not working
Excluding Adwords Query Strings
Problem with Mijoshop after login
Cannot deny position
JotCache Virtuemart 3 overrides
Why is Position Exclude not working?
Cron job for crawlerext
Contact Form Broken
Jotcache 5.0.1 doesn't work on 2.5
JotCache operation / maintenance - JotComponents Forum
How setup a scheduled cronjob each 5 minutes?
Is it possible to do...?
Recache options are disabled
Cron job and set te recache automatically
Recache from external programs
Homepage issue
Cart Not Clearing out after Checkout
cron issue
JotCache and Nginx fastcgi cache
two time in row the content in articles
My site URLs periodically change to IP address?!
errors on page
How to delete cache?
yoo_flux joomla 1.5 white page of death
140 “home” cached pages
Joomla 1.5 and HTTPS caching
cron.php and cron_recache.php for multiple sites
Non Latin URLs
Different cache for different bots
Joomla Cleans Cache Wrongly
Problem with login
JOTCache UTF-8 problem
error : Empty needle
JotCache and login user
Mobile exclusion
Cart caching issue
Getting fatal error - 3.0 site
JotMarker and component.php ( ?tmpl=component )
Excluded positions (swf banners) issue
JotCache error: Table doesn't exist message
Autoclean question
Exclude module from caching
disable all mod_banner modules from being cached
problem excluding a module position
Article change-detection system
Global configuration and excluding articles
[BUG] Browser caching not working
Joomla 3.3.6 Exclude URL Problem
Jotcache 5.0.2 with joomla 3.3.6
Error after install
Best setup & cronjobs
recache/crawler via cron not working?
error when refresh table
Browser Split for IE (x) not recognize correctly
5-jotcache-extension 44 pages
Memcache or disk?
Problem with Exclude Location in JotCach 5.1
Jot cache not working with cache lifetime
Compatability with RS Comments
Recache plugin & Cron
Can JotCache distort traffic statistics of Yandex
Leverage browser caching
Article Hit counter not working with joomla cache
pages is doubled
Virtuemart compatibility
General "how to get it to work" question..
URL exclusion issue
@@@ Symbol in Page Title
Exclude Virtuemart 3 cart and form
Mobile Operation Mode excluded not working well
Cron: Crawler Extended stops and deletes all found
domain url issue
JotEasyCron plugin with Linux CRON job?
JotCache Extension - JotComponents Forum
Another Recache issue
Cache/page folder and/or files deletes (randomly)
Running 100% static. Possible?
JotCache cached urls have sometimes wwwwww
Jot Cache is caching my <head>
Breadcrumbs do not display well
JotCache Frontpage issue
JotCache - Recache issue
Exclude content div part from jotcache
jotcahe 5 rc2 problem
Jotcache not chashes K2 content module ?
Missing Plugins and Images (Before & After Pics)
JotCache Virtuemart add to cart stops working
Bounce Rate - Google Analytics problem
Blank page in J! 3.2
Work on one page pnly
JotCache and YooTheme Issues
Site Down... Perpetual Load, no Error
Browser Cache setup time
Jotcache not working with virtuemart products
Exclude horizontal top navigation from caching
JotCache and googlebot
jotcache does not work for logged users
JotCache Extension - JotComponents Forum
6-jotcache-installation-setup 103 pages
How disable caching mobile phone view?
Cookie split
i uninstall the jotcache,but my site shut down
How exclude pages with 404 status
Memcache issue on admin side
Administrator Panel : jotcache error 404
Crawler will not work
Error: Trying to get property of non-object
Cache not working correctly with PIWIK :-(
Recache from backend doesnt work
Nothing cached
How to install Jotcache with K2 and GKPRO modules
Correct Cron Command?
Problem C in yellow
Which Version to Install for 1.5.26
Images disappeared on joomla blog layout page?
Cronjob setup
Install question`
relative path not working with jotcache
Joomla template cache 'On' and JotCache
How to exclude your template from Jotcache 4
Setting up
How setup Hit counter working with Jotcache
Strict Standards: Declaration of JotcacheFileCache
JotCache 4.0 for which Joomla versions?
White screen hangs when updating Virtuemart 2 cart
Can't get the Exclude Module to work (JSN Kido)
Exclude a DIV
Joomla's 2.5 Gzip and Jotcache?
How to exclude a category?
Modules Exclude : Code altered
JotCache and Joomla Default Cache
JotCache installation / setup - JotComponents Forum
JotCache installation / setup - JotComponents Forum
JotCache installation / setup - JotComponents Forum
JotCache installation / setup - JotComponents Forum
Problems with Slider and Footer Links disappearin
Issue with cyrillic titles
The best setup for heavy loading website
Excluding a module in Warp
Problem with 4.2.3 download?
Warning: fileperms(): stat failed
How to exclude a URL
Top menu keeps vanishing
Jotcache not compatible with latest joomla 2.5.24
com_content cache and 2 templates
Jotcache : Warning: ksort expects parameter
How to exclude Komento coment form from jotcache?
installation - component
Jotcache and Joomshopping
Problem - doesnt work properly
Says "No cached pages yet" since install
Component missing and error message
Exclude breadcrumb module problem
JotCache with Amazon ElastiCache?
Position Exclude not working
Cron Job setting
Images Disappear After Second Visit
Module exclusion issue
JotCache plugin problem with Joomla 3.2.3
error 500 when lauching jot cache
can I always use cache version for my website?
Slideshows not Loading Images
JotCache create only error logfile
pages blank when plugins activated
UnAble to unistall
JotCache plugin disabled in J3.2.3
4.0 not installing component
JotMarker Plugin
Form Issue with cache
Problem - Need help!
JotCache and YooTheme Position Exclusion
MobileJoomla and JotCache
Exclude Banner modules - Gavick template
Can't find style parameter to exclude a module
Problem with 'exclude urls'
Excluding module not working (YooTheme, MijoShop)
Error failed to open dir /cache/page
VM2 Joomla 2.5 Exclude search plugin from cache
1500+ links generated: Who caches the cache ?
I want cache please!
Caching a Limited Number of Articles
Position exclude in an Aristeer template
Browser Cache setup - jotcache
Cannot delete Cache Items
Turning off system cache?
No cacheing seen?
Not synchronized GCalendar
Leverage browser caching
Shoping cart module excluding problem
Module Class Suffix does not work with JotCache
Problem with jotcache and plugin facebook login
Caching not working with cookies split
Problem with installation v. 3.2.3 on j3.1.1
JotCache conflict with google maps
image dont appear in iframe when left pane is excl
virtuemart 2 Shopping Cart module
Conflicts on IE
Jot affects template
suggestions and questions..
Plugin does not install jotcache 3.12 on Joomla 3.
Jotcache setup
9-jotcache-usage-used-on-sites 74 pages
Exclude static subdomain.
About the article hit counter
Pagination issue with RSeventsPro
Jotcache and Mobile Site
GZIP and Jotcache
What happened to the awesome <jot> tags?
Community Builder/Loadposition
Notice in jotcache.php on line 64
Automatically invalidate/recache with plugin
How to switch off JotCache component?
How to exclude pages/components from JotCache
Recache cron not renew all url in overview page
Crawlerext error
Joomla 2.5 and Yootheme Warp7 position exclusing
Jotcache breaks Nextend accordion menu
Jotcache breaks template
getting cached copy for logged in user
Do I need auto clean?
jotcache invalid token 3.2
Problem with shopping cart and modules
Module Exclusion - Virtuemart 2 - Gantry Template
Disable JotCache for Search Result
item hits problem and need advice please
Exclude query parameter without value
Joomla 3.2 and JotCache 3.1.4
Jotcache + VM isn't auto purge?
Jotcache and hostname in links
virtuemart settings
JotCache usage / used on sites - JotComponents Forum
Jotcache exclusion not working
Compatibility with last release of J 3.4.0 rc
Cache deletion
Can I Exclude an Area of the page (virtuemart)?
JotEasyCron not cleaning cache?
Debug Hashed File: Cached Content Empty
JotCache usage / used on sites - JotComponents Forum
JotCache usage / used on sites - JotComponents Forum
Exclude Template Positions => template problem
session tables issues
can't exclude virtuemart relating product module from caching
Jotcache and adsense
JotCache would not work in rockettheme template?
Mobile exclusion
Problem with Jotcache
JotCache the best Plugin cache
Problem with HTTPS pages
JotCache problems for mod_login (need to exclude)
JotCache Creating false subdomains
Use Jotcache with Flexicontent
homepage cache
Improving caching for Google Pagespeed
Cron job estimate inteval to run
Jotcache breaks up a module
My pages are not coming up in Google search
help need for additional parameter of cron job
Jot cache is hidding vote on ja purity II 2.5.3
cache expire time not respected
Using Jotcache to exclude specific K2 categories
Jotcache folders and database
Excluding module position does not work
Bug when cache an entire page and a single module
HTTPS instead of HTTP in URLs of the cached pages
Suggestion: refresh page/module on updating
exclude specific content page
Joomla 3.2 & Jotcache 3.1.5
Ajax call with a jot cache tag
Get Tag Error
Exclude category
Not alle images showing on cached page
Template .GIF not showing on cached article page
logged users workaround ?
exclude jquery ajax
10-official-announcements-about-jotcache 31 pages
New JotCache ver.5.1.2 published
JotCache 5.0.4 released
New JotCache versions for J2.5 and J3.3 published
JotEasyCron plugin 1.0.1 available
JotCache ver.4.1.0 for Joomla 3.2 published
JotCache with enhanced TPL exclusion (update)
JotCache with enhanced template position exclusion
Maintenance ver.3.1.7 of JotCache for Joomla 3.2
JotCache ver.4.0.3 for Joomla 2.5 available
JotCache ver.3.1.5 for Joomla 3.2
JotCache version 3.1.2 for Joomla 1.5 published
JotCache version 3.1.2 for Joomla 2.5 available
JotCache 5.1.2 RC (JCH Optimize fix)
JotCache 5.1 for Joomla 3.4
JotCache 5 for Joomla 3.4.b3 available for testing
JotCache 5.0.8 published (better module excl.)
Official Announcements about JotCache - JotComponents Forum
JotCache 5.0.6 released
JotCache 5.0.1 released
JotCache 4.2.2 (J2.5) multisite/session variables
JotCache 5.0.RC2 available
JotCache 5.0.RC with memcached storage
Maintenance ver.4.1.2 of JotCache
JotCache 4.1.1 (J2.5) with easy module exclusion
JotCache ver.4.0 for Joomla 2.5
JotCache extensions (J1.5, J2.5, J3.x) updated
JotCache version 3.2.3 for Joomla 2.5
JotCache version 3.2.2 for Joomla 2.5 published
JotCache stable version 3.2.0 for Joomla 2.5
JotCache version 3.2RC1 for Joomla 2.5
JotCache version 3.1.2 for Joomla 3.0 available
4-general-informations 11 pages
304 with Last Modified Header
Does JotCache Plugin need to always be active
How do I exclude a Poll plugin from cache?
Exclude Plugins and Modules ?
Where are stored the cached pages files?
How to exclude query string?
JotCache and htaccess file
Jotcache language translation
500 internal server Error
Plugin order not being respected
exclude from cache
11-jotcache-pre-release-feedback 6 pages
Jotcache 5.0.0.rc2. working with Joomla 3.3.1
JotCache 5.0 for joomla 2.5
Problem with some browser like Opera Coast
Problem with desktop mobile request
Jotcache 5rc and Ja wall ja K2 filter
500 Internal when creating Kunena post
index 2 pages
JotCache Forum - JotComponents Forum
JotCache Extension - JotComponents Forum
item 16 pages
JotComponents - Speed-up page loadtime with JotCache for Joomla
JotComponents - Using Selenium 2.0 with ChromeDriver for testing of Joomla sites - part 2 (revisited)
JotComponents - Using Selenium 2.0 with ChromeDriver for testing of Joomla sites
JotComponents - Speeding-up Joomla tests on Windows7
JotComponents - Using Joomla 2.5+ on Apache server with MS SQL database
JotComponents - Using Selenium 2.0 with ChromeDriver for Joomla 3.0 testing
JotComponents - Extending Kunena topic form with additional input items
JotComponents - Using PHP SPL iterators for recursive processing of filesystem directories
JotComponents - Testing with Selenium RC in NetBeans environment (FF3, IE8, Opera9)
JotComponents - Running CMS with more PHP versions on local Apache servers
JotComponents - Joomla-Downloads
JotComponents - JoomlaVisually
JotComponents - IntownWebdesign
JotComponents - JoomlaHosting
JotComponents - JotCache for fine grained caching
JotComponents - Site on!
tag 15 pages
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: Apache
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: cache
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: Chrome
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: Joomla
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: Joomla3x
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: Joomla25
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: JotCache
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: MySQL
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: NetBeans
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: PHP
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: PHP5 3
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: Selenium
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: SQL server
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: testing
JotComponents - Displaying items by tag: website performance
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JotComponents - Items filtered by date: December 2012
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JotComponents - Webmaster
JotComponents - JotComponents
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JotComponents - Review
JotComponents - Blog
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jotcache 1 page
JotComponents - JotCache ver.2.0 Help