Published: 07 July 2010

For many Joomla web sites it is important to achieve fast response to visitors requests. Here are different methods how to speed-up page response and page caching is one solution which generally gives very good results. Unfortunatelly standart Joomla 1.5 page caching has more obstacles which mostly are not allowing to use this type of caching on vivid web sites.

Two missing features are mostly criticized : refreshing parts of web page containing dynamic informations (which have to be updated with each access to the page) as well as non-transparent identification of cached content which does not allow to purge only very selected number of page files stored in the cache.

JotCache caching solution solves both these obstacles with additional powerfull features - (optional) compressing of cached page content for faster response and for administrator here is possibility to mark front-end pages/modules to show actual caching of web pages and non-cached dynamic modules. JotCache consist from two parts : JotCache Plugin and (optional but recommended) JotCache Component.

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