Usually used procedures

Joomla core as well as other additional 3rd parties extensions are nowadays quite complex and many times is not possible to advice any correction / setup without previous analysis what actually happens intern on the site. But some approaches can be generalized to help with 'first aid' recommendation. Here described procedures were collected from users and developers of JotCache during last 5 years.

7 yearss ago
If cached content output is not correct (loosing some styling and/or some parts of the page)


JotCache cached output have to stored in page cache with all necessary redirects and rewrites. Other plugins in system group can make this type of processing therefore it is necessary to move JotCache plugin as last item in Plugin Manager order list (take care that you have JotCache as last item also after plugin enabling in Plugin Manager list).

It is necessary to check :

  1. if JotCache plugin is set on last position in group of Joomla system plugins
  2. if Joomla core (Page) Cache system plugin is disabled
  3. if CSS files belonging to the page are correct loaded in the browser for cached pages (it can be problem with JCH Optimize extension settings or template settings or .htaccess unsufficient rules (different subdomains or HTTP mode (https) can recall in Joomla the same internal URL but application generates in such case different content (e.g. desktop vs. mobile))
  4. if image files belonging to the page are correct loaded in the browser for cached pages (in many cases is possible to change relative URL for image from 'img_dir/' to '/img_dir/' (take care for leading slash '/')

7 yearss ago
How to check module exclusion ?


1. Check if module template position is excluded in JotCache component (see JotCache Help)

how to check module exclusion 0


2. In JotCache component Options select Debug tab and set 'Show file hash' to Yes

how to check module exclusion 2

3. Then you can see the hash link in JotCache Management View for each cached item

how to check module exclusion 3

4. Click on hash link of your page under investigation and you see Cached content of page inclusive information about module exclusions (exclusion count > 0)

how to check module exclusion 4

Here in shown example are recognized two module exclusions on page "Home". The details about module exclusion can be shown when you search in browser for '<jot' tags. Each excluded template position starts with opening and closing <jot...s...></jot> and ends with other pair of jot tags <jot...e></jot>.

Inserting of jot tags into cached item is performed automatically by means of JotMarker system plugin. This plugin is tight close to Joomla core module processing and it recognizes suited style attributes.


JotMarker cannot recognize position on site templates when :

a. site template is not using standard Joomla module processing

b. modules are inserted into page content by means of Joomla plugins (such modules are processed outside Joomla core module processing

In both described cases module exclusion in JotCache is not possible.

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