What is recommended cron job frequency ?


JotCache package contains two different script templates for cron job operation :

A. cron.php - for page cache cleaning (removing expired cached pages from the storage)

B. cron_recache.php - for caching of pages with two different modes :

  1. mode recache : for all pages which are already in cache storage (active as well as expired cached pages) is page by page refreshed latest available content. Range of refreshed pages can be narrowed by rules in cron script.
  2. mode crawler : which operates as known web crawlers visiting own Joomla site page by page starting with the site homepage. In this mode is possible to set depth of page linked hierarchy to limit crawling on the site.

Frequency of repeating cron runs depends on number of site pages, processing time of pages during recache and visitors load. As the first approach you can use :

for case A. run each hour of day (you can follow result of cleaning in cleaning log of JotCache when it is enabled).

for case B. run mode recache each day once in the time when load of the site is minimal

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