JotCache ver.3.2 Help - Usage of JotMarker plugin

Published: 03 January 2013

Usage of JotMarker plugin

JotMarker system plugin serves as helper for precise marking of template position areas which are needed during modules refreshing on given position of cached web page. JotMarker is used and automatically installed during installation of JotCache extension starting with version 3.2.2.

In the installation time is JotMarker set as first plugin in group of Joomla system plugins in enabled state. These settings are necessary for correct operation of module template position exclusions.  When during installation of any 3rd party system plugin is JotMarker position changed then manually set again its position to first one in group of Joomla system plugins.

No other settings on JotMarker plugin as described are required. Module exclusion is described in another part of this Help.

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