JotCache ver.3.0 Help

Published: 20 August 2012

Fast check of cache operation

Check in front-end

For proper marking of cached content you need to have installed not only JotCache plugin but also the JotCache component. For page marking to put it in the operation it is necessary :

  • in the JotCache plugin parameters to set Mark Caching  to Yes
  • in the JotCache component click on Set Mark button

With Set Mark button here it is sent marking cookie to your browser and then you can see marked page title (with three @@@) when page is comming from cache :

page marked

and steady refreshed module positions are marked with dashed red outline :

module marked

Check in backend

The marking can be used also for fast selection of pages which is necessary to remove from the cache. The recommended selection practice is following :

  • check if list of active cached pages has any "Yes" in Mark column (use top combobox for selecting)
  • reset the marks for given pages with ResetMark button (the button is shown after click on SetMark, when SetMark is on toolbar)
  • click on SetMark button to start active marking
  • open/reload pages in website frontend which you like to be marked
  • Back in Administrator Cache Management click on Refresh button. You shall see in Mark column "Yes" for all in frontend opened/reloaded pages (you can select only marked pages with Select Mark combobox)

Selected files can be deleted as described in management view section.


+1 #1 Stephan 2015-11-05 20:05
Hi Guys,
I'm using your JotCache component on my website and it works really great with defaults parameters. Thank you very much for this guys ! Now i'm trying to understand how it works (not a geek in cache features, you know ;) SO it would be great if you could update the image link on your "help" pages. Thanks for this if you take care about that and go on with your wonder job ...

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