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Published: 09 October 2010


JotCache Plugin

Because JotCache Plugin is advanced replacement of System - Cache it is necessary to disable system cache plugin in Administration > Extensions > Plugin Manager.

Open in Plugin Manager JotCache plugin parameters :

JotCache Parameters

and set their values to required operation mode :

  1. Browser caching (Yes) - Web server is forcing the user browser to local cache of the sent content
  2. Cache lifetime - Cached web page remains x minutes in page cache stored
  3. Compress cached content (Yes) - In cached content are whitespaces removed and then the content is compressed (gzlib)
  4. Mark caching (Yes) - Condition for displaying Set Mark in JotCache component (for presentation of frontend cache marking and backend check have to be both conditions met : Plugin Mark caching=Yes and Component Set Mark=On)

After saving JotCache parameters check if the JotCache plugin is enabled and located as last item in system plugins list (if it is not then correct status and items order).

JotCache Component

JotCache Component is management layer over the basic JotCache Plugin functions containing :

  • Overview of one-to-one relation between cached page file (with hashed name e.g. 8d2146c2a4b1b3c9d65bac698c9115a5.php) and its original resource (component name, view, content id). The list is showing ONLY active cached pages (pages not yet expired).

    This one-to-one relation is stored in database. When it is necessary to reload the file list on JotCache Management page simply press Refresh button on component's toolbar.

    Refresh also takes care for synchronizing page cache in the file system with database content. Because of different Joomla core functions concerning system cache (located in Global settings and Tools – e.g. system page cache is cleared outside JotCache Management (Administrator > Tools > Clean Cache)) here can be that database content is not matching all cache files in server file system.
    Similar condition also happens when you start caching of page content with JotCache and system page cache is not empty. Pages cached prior JotCache cache operation are not displayed in the JotCache Component overview.

  • Filtering the list of cached pages according component name , component view and page mark

  • Deleting selected cached pages with possibility of individual or group (top check-box in the table header) checking of cached page contents for delete operation

    JotCache component selection
  • Marking cached content for administrator in the frontend with Set Mark button pressed - see Fast check of cache operation (frontend and backend).

  • Selecting components and their specific views which shall be excluded from page caching.


  1. Content Id reflects Id of specific component e.g. Content or Weblinks....
  2. Created date presents first date/time of save of cached content via JotCache (this date/time is not refreshed with each repeating save of the cached page file)


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