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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 02:00
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Major release for use with Joomla 3.7

(for Joomla 3.6 use JotCache 5.3.2)

Main changes
      - code refactoring to meet latest development of Joomla
      - simplification of JotCache plugin setup taking into account extended use of https protocol and the usage of modern web browsers (with automatic IE6-IE8 browsers exclusion and creating only three type groups of browsers: desktop, tablet, phone)
      - rewritten code for Memcached PHP extension when memcached server is used as JotCache cache storage
      - possibility to customize JotCache operation during page cache read/write
      - new JotCache debug logger allowing to analyse page cache processing


Maintenance version with cache exclusion for old IE browsers
     - pages requested by browsers IE6, IE7, IE8 are excluded from page caching (measure to prevent cached page content distortion)


Initial JotCache version for use with Joomla 3.7

JotCache 6.0.2

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