JotCache 6.2 allows to exclude modules embedded in article

Published: 30 November -0001


In all previous versions of JotCache was not possible to exclude modules which were put inside article content by means of special tags {loadposition position[, style]} or {loadmodule module[, title[, style]]}. Details of embedding of module content into article content are described in Joomla documentation How do you put a module inside an article? or numerous other articles as for example Embedding a Module into an Article (Joomla 3).

In JotCache 6.2 installation package is included new content plugin JotLoadmodule which together with other parts of JotCache allows to exclude embedded modules in similar way as it is possible for modules excluded from template position. JotLoadmodule uses same special tags {loadposition position[, style]} or {loadmodule module[, title[, style]]} and parameter setup for Style as Joomla core Content-Loadmodule plugin. For correct operation with JotCache is necessary to disable Content-Loadmodule plugin and enable JotLoadmodule plugin.

In most cases also is necessary to disable embedded module own caching (on Advanced tab -> Caching set to 'No caching' value). Please take into account that new JotLoadmodule plugin is not possible to use separately with oldier JotCache version (6.1 or previous versions).


Let's take module News Flash which we like to insert into article 'Using Joomla!'.

At first it is necessary to make module setup:

Main settings

embed module

Menu assignment

embed module 1

No not forget to set module own caching. In most cases when is needed quick response for change of module content set 'No caching' value.

embed module 2

Second step is insertion of module content into selected article.

Open article edit page, set pointer to place where you want to have module content and click on Module button:

embed module 3

It opens modal window with modules. Click on 'News Flash'.

embed module 4

 Final article text is here:

embed module 5

When you use JotCache administrator mode set to 'Mark':

embed module 6

you can see in frontend embedded module text into article content. This module content is excluded from JotCache caching:

embed module 7

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