Mobile devices recognition in JotCache 3.1

Published: 14 December 2012

Increasing user access to the web sites with mobile devices forces content presentation in more active layouts adjusted for each group of devices (desktop, tablet, phone). Here are visible two major approaches to solve this non-easy challenge. First approach uses dedicated templates for each group of devices which are assigned to user request on the server based on user agent string (roughly describing the device identification). As an example of this solution is JoomlArt JAT3 Framework with possibility to select different layouts based on user device :

Second approach solves the presentation in very early Java approach today's called as responsive design where all parts of presented content are flexible adjusted to browser area. The responsive design is followed in Joomla 3.0 based on Bootstrap front-end framework introduced by Twitter. This solution requires usage of new HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

JotCache already starting with version 2 allows to use different cached pages based on user browser recognition with so-called Browser Split selection. Because of significant diversity of mobile devices identification was possible these devices to leave in presentation of desktop cached pages or to fully exclude from caching at all.

Nowadays such approach is not sufficient and new JotCache 3.1 is comming with extended recognition of mobile devices in two groups named as tablet and phone :

For each group of mobile devices is created own cache space and cached pages are not intermixed with desktop layout pages or other presentations depending on browser type.

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