JotCache ver.1.2 - Joomla Page Caching Extended

Published: 09 October 2010

JotCache solution consisting from JotCache Plugin and JotCache Component for advanced cache management has been successfully approved during last month on many heavy loaded websites (see also JotCache used on selected sites list). During implementation of oldier versions of JotCache were found as limitation that some non-standart implemented Joomla component or templates were not possible to proper adjust for smooth operation either using other URL query string parameters (not 'view' but e.g. 'page' or 'section') or missing jdoc:module tags in templates (e.g. Yootheme solution based on Warp). 

Thanks to Curtis Nehring of Cloae Web Designs with his intention to implement JotCache for Virtuemart e-commerce Joomla component and testing capabilities it was possible to add new powerfull feature to the solution - exclusion of pages from caching based on URL query parameters. Details about this new feature you can find in JotCache Help. The results of JotCache implementation in Virtuemart are very promissing cutting download time up to 70% of previous (already JS/CSS optimized) website speed.

Implementation of caching techniques on large websites is usually not fast 'switch-on' process but good preparation and elaborate testing. JotCache Component supports start-up tasks with extended cache management. For web administrators which have intention to implement JotCache on their websites and they have some open questions here is simple saying - do not hesitate to make contact.

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