Published: 28 March 2019 - a cybersecurity website propulsed by JotCache with more than 20,000 pages! Jotcache enables to increase the responding speed from 5s by page upto <1,5s by page which is definitely a real improvement for the visitors! We definitely recommend this solution for all websites. - Jotcache speeds up very complex (Jomsocial, EasyEverything, JFBConnect etc) newspaper websites. It is the ONLY caching component for Joomla that didn't break the site. - Dj Extensions commercial development site. The company creates many usefull Joomla extensions built from scratch to reflect the customer needs. On the site they were optimizing the response speed and with the use of JotCache they improved loading Time To First Byte by 3 times. - IceTheme is Premium Joomla and OpenCart Themes Club. For them is very important that their clients can fast access club site, without long waiting for the pages to load. After trying several Joomla components for caching, they decided for JotCache. The result is just amazing: site loads 2 times faster now. - Official website of the oldest french independent rock-shop, created in 1967. Huge website using Joomla 2.5.x + Virtuemart 2.x (with more than 30.000 products & more than 150 differents categories), Sh404sef and Custom filters. With thousands visitors everyday, the page cache is an important point for site operation. The use of JotCache divided load time by 4. In addition, the server was formerly often overcharged (arround 90% CPU usage). Now it's over, working load is arround 10-20% CPU usage. The website with JotCache is lighter, faster, and can receive many more visitors at the same time than before. - Official website of CMS, a live answering service and call center outsourcing company. They handle phone calls and other communication on behalf of organizations worldwide. Site runs on Joomla 2.5 using dedicated extensions Chronoforms, sh404SEF and Gantry template engine for front-end presentation. - very complex sophisticated website with SH404sef and handfull of other plugins, components and moduls. Optimized for short loading times before using JotCache. With implementation of JotCache solution here were achieved much shorter downloading times against previous optimization, generally doubling page download speed. - busy business web site with over 1200 pages, running online shop with Virtuemart, fast serving customers over the world. Using JotCache were tuned in several steps, adjusting settings for JCH Optimiser and excluding some modules and pages from JotCache caching process. In the last steps was implemented Auto Purge plugin and site template polishing. Results taken from Google's webmaster tools are showing the massive effect JotCache had on the site when it was enabled! Also, the report from pingdom shows the response time has cut in half! - sofisticated selling web site using Joomla 1.5 with VirtueMart 1.1.9, and Cherry Picker for VM extension which leads to many tens of thousands of page variations. For SEO is implemented sh404sef and this combination works really well. JotCache jot tags are used to allow cart, newsletter subscriptions and different information to be shown depending on the geo location of the visitors ip. - remarkable web site with on-line Virtuemart shop. Website designer's statements after JotCache (ver.1.2) implementation : We usually run the site between 7 and 10 seconds and our best was just below 7 sec. After implementing JotCache our load time has dropped to between 5.33 and 2.72 seconds! That's an improvement on our best time of nearly 70% and an average improvement of over 50%. Along with JotCache we use JCH Optimize (our previous times were with JCH Optimize) and that helped but your JotCache has made the biggest difference. - website of furniture wholesaler company with many interactions and flash presentations. Website is using JotCache with compressing of cached pages and browser caching. - site that talks about the house in general, you can find useful information on furniture, photovoltaics, thermal panel and more. Very successfull implementation of caching techniques.

Published: 18 January 2018


In all previous versions of JotCache was not possible to exclude modules which were put inside article content by means of special tags {loadposition position[, style]} or {loadmodule module[, title[, style]]}. Details of embedding of module content into article content are described in Joomla documentation How do you put a module inside an article? or numerous other articles as for example Embedding a Module into an Article (Joomla 3).

In JotCache 6.2 installation package is included new content plugin JotLoadmodule which together with other parts of JotCache allows to exclude embedded modules in similar way as it is possible for modules excluded from template position. JotLoadmodule uses same special tags {loadposition position[, style]} or {loadmodule module[, title[, style]]} and parameter setup for Style as Joomla core Content-Loadmodule plugin. For correct operation with JotCache is necessary to disable Content-Loadmodule plugin and enable JotLoadmodule plugin.

In most cases also is necessary to disable embedded module own caching (on Advanced tab -> Caching set to 'No caching' value). Please take into account that new JotLoadmodule plugin is not possible to use separately with oldier JotCache version (6.1 or previous versions).


Let's take module News Flash which we like to insert into article 'Using Joomla!'.

At first it is necessary to make module setup:

Main settings

embed module

Menu assignment

embed module 1

No not forget to set module own caching. In most cases when is needed quick response for change of module content set 'No caching' value.

embed module 2

Second step is insertion of module content into selected article.

Open article edit page, set pointer to place where you want to have module content and click on Module button:

embed module 3

It opens modal window with modules. Click on 'News Flash'.

embed module 4

 Final article text is here:

embed module 5

When you use JotCache administrator mode set to 'Mark':

embed module 6

you can see in frontend embedded module text into article content. This module content is excluded from JotCache caching:

embed module 7

Note: All images included into this article were compressed with short php script for minifying of png images (see: |

Published: 08 October 2015

Integration with JCH Optimize, Rokbooster and Scriptmerge

JotCache 5.2.0 has new feature, which was longer time expected from site administrators, allowing close collaboration with Joomla js&css optimization extensions. Four most used extensions were selected : JCH Optimize, Rokbooster, JBetolo and Scriptmerge. Each of them is using different internal processing to combine and compress website assets - html, javascript, css files. After evaluation on test servers were choosen three of them - JCH Optimize, Rokbooster and Scriptmerge for possible integration with JotCache. JBetolo was rejected because of unstable operation with page cache.

The selection of which of named extension shall be linked to JotCache operation is simple action on JotCache plugin setup form (Cache Operation Modes tab) :

But before the integration with JotCache set page caching off for carefull testing of asset processing in selected extension. It is not simple & fast operation because you have usually many different parameters for setup and you need carefully check site pages for optimal settings. When you are satisfied with asset processing then you can enable JotCache operation. JotCache can accept different settings of asset extension but for Rokbooster is required to set parameter 'Scan Method' to value - Joomla Header Scan :

The integration is working properly when all combined files (js and/or css) are loaded correctly with cached page even in case when combined files are cleaned from its own cache.

Published: 03 March 2015

New features in ver.5.1

Edit Page Invalidate

Plugin image - Edit page invalidate

In previous versions of JotCache (ver.5.0 and before) when registered user with permission to create/edit frontend page was logged-in he could change content without any limitation but after his logout the page old content was shown until expiration or invalidation of the cached page. Such approach has its advantage (only final/reviewed content is shown to public) but in some cases is requested to immediately show new content to the public directly from cache. Here is possible in JotCache ver.5.1 to enable plugin parameter 'Edit Page Invalidate'.

Published: 23 June 2014

currency-select2JotCache is often used on Virtuemart shopping sites with good results for much faster page responses. But in cases when shop was configured to run with different currencies until present time was not possible to use any page caching.

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