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Pages dedicated to open source web programming with presentation of own JotComponents extensions to community driven CMS (Content Management System) with strong focus on Joomla framework. Entire scope of activities covers Joomla / Drupal / PHP / Development Tools (IDE NetBeans, CVS/SVN/Git version systems, ANT based build automation, database and backup tools).

JotCache is advanced solution for page caching in Joomla framework. This solution replaces standard System - Page Cache plugin and it usually works along with enabled Joomla Global Cache settings. JotCache consists from JotCache component allowing cache management and group of dedicated plugins where JotCache plugin covers main page caching tasks.

Other specific plugins are :

  • JotMarker - performs content marking which is necessary for module content rewrite on cached pages
  • Crawler, CrawlerExt and Recache - plugins in the group of jotcacheplugins, all of them providing recaching of site pages based on different algorithms. Operation of these plugins can be started manually (from JotCache component) or automatic as server cron jobs

JotCache extension is developed and used over five years. It was available at first time for Joomla 1.5, then later for Joomla 2.5 up to present Joomla 3.x.

Main features of JotCache ver.5.1 for Joomla 3.4 :

  • single domain / multidomain operation
  • use of 3 cache storages : file system, memcache, memcached
  • exclusion of selected pages and modules (based on template position) from page caching
  • different cache expiration times for selected groups of pages
  • dividing cache storage space on distinct partitions to keep different page content in the cache based on browser type, session variables and cookies.
  • autoclean (cache garbage collection) and cron job controlled cache cleaning
  • page cache management (visual aid to see basic informations about cached pages, deleting and caching/recaching of selected pages, filtering and ordering of cached items)
  • frontend possibility to manual/automatic recache current page
  • page cache debug tools

JotEasyCron extension can be used for regular automatic cache cleaning and recache in case when PHP CLI is not available or when cron job setting is found as difficult. For JotCache ver.5.+ (Joomla 3.3/3.4) is now available new system plugin JotEasyCron for external cron service from EasyCron company. Plugin JotEasy Cron allows to establish one cron job (track) for cache cleaning and three different cron jobs (they can operate in different time adjustments) for recache operation.
For each recache operation is possible to set page filter for selection which pages on the site have to be recached.

This category contains usefull tools used during web development.

HTML Validators

It could be argued that HTML is still the mother tongue of the web and although scripting languages like PHP and ASP are widely used it is still HTML that ultimately brings everything together.

This Big List of HTML Validators does what it says on the tin and could prove a useful resource in finding the best tools around to get your project up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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