Mark 29 Jul 2017 11:05 #1995


can I add jot mark to virtuemart view detail product and then use?

If I use module position I see this mark:
<jot top-cart="" s="" style="raw"></jot>
<jot top-cart="" e></jot>

I thinking about this:

add this my custom mark to php file for exclude prices:
<jot product-price="" s="" style="raw"></jot>
<jot product-price="" e></jot>

But after reload page I don't see my custom created mark :(


Joomla version : 3.6
JotCache version : 5.3.2
site template: JA_MEGASTORE
system plugins : more....
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Mark 30 Jul 2017 08:44 #1996

You cannot see created mark on frontend page because in normal operation (selector on JotCache Management page is set to 'Normal') are any mark tags removed by JotCache from HTML output. But you can see created mark tags:

1. in cached page file (or database item when you use memcached as cache storage) - you can set JotCache component Options (Debug tab) 'Show file hash' to 'Yes' and on main JotCache Management view appear hash links to each cached page. Clicking on this link you can inspect the cached page inclusive mark tags.

2. when you set selector on JotCache Management page to 'Mark' then mark tags are not filtred by JotCache and you can inspect these marks on frontend page (in most cases as red outline around excluded module area - see JotCache Help for more details).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only Joomla modules can be excluded from page caching by means of mark tags.

In your case it is necessary for successfull cache exclusion that prices are presented on each detail view product page inside normal Joomla module (not inserted by any plugin e.g. Content - Load modules plugin with insertion of 'loadposition user1').
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