TOPIC: What happened to the awesome <jot> tags?

What happened to the awesome <jot> tags? 23 Apr 2015 10:53 #1355


I recently downloaded your latest version for a new project of mine, and went ahead to exclude certain modules from caching like i Knew how to do from earlier versions of the component, namely by wrapping the module position with the <jot> tags. But now these don't seem to work. Searching through the forum I realised that this is the expected behavior from the new version and that I can't exclude modules that way any more.

Why is that? I mean, this was the coolest feature of jotcache and you chose to remove it? what's the reasoning behind this? I like including modules using nonumber's modules anywhere component, and I would exclude these module positions with the <jot> tags, which was an amazing way to have a VERY complicated site, with lots of dynamic content and with full cache, but no more?

Is there ANY version of jotcache that still ahs this feature and works with joomla 3.4?

Thank you

Joomla version : 3.4
JotCache version : 5.1
site template:
system plugins :
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Re: What happened to the awesome <jot> tags? 13 May 2015 08:20 #1363

<jot> tags still exists inside JotCache processing but they are used in different manner as it was for JotCache before ver.5.0.8.

Reasons for changes :
- most template engines used today do not use Joomla <jdoc> tags in template index.php. Admins using these templates does not know where to implement <jot> tags.
- <jot> tags needs to use exactly the same attributes as they are used in time of related module parsing. Most admins does not know such details and it is very complicated to derive them from template (engine) code
- template engines and some 3rd parties extensions process parsed page HTML content with removing/changing of HTML code. Old <jot> tags in form of HTML comment or single non-standard HTML tag were removed with such additional processing (JotCache module exclusion was not more possible).

Starting with JotCache 4.1 is used for automatic creation of <jot> tags the system plugin JotMarker allowing to implement module exclusion also for modern template engines.

If you prefer manual insertion of <jot> tags then disable JotMarker and use in template code :
<jot position-7 s style="well"></jot>
MODULE HTML CODE e.g. <jdoc....>
<jot position-7 e></jot>

The old start tag '<jot position-7 s style="well">' is replaced with paired tags '<jot position-7 s style="well"></jot>' starting with JotCache 5.0.8.
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