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Caching per Joomla Language/Domain 27 Jul 2015 09:25 #1418

Hi Vlado,

We are using latest Jotcache with our J3.4 / Virtuemart 3 store, so far so good:

As you may notice we have quite a few domains (each linked with a Joomla language), so you can imagine the number of files in the /cache/page folder. Last time i checked it was abt 180000 pages, almost 13GB.

So i think it would be nice if you could create folders per Joomla language in the /cache/page folder to separate the cache. This will improve the file seek time and also, very importantly, we will be able to refresh the cache per language; the last part is important because most of the times we make changes to one language at a time, so we'd like to be able to clear the cache for this language only. Now we cannot, we have to delete the complete page cache, and this is a great waste of resource.

Would appreciate your comments on the above.


Joomla version : 3.4
JotCache version : 5.1.2
site template:
system plugins : JCH optimize
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Re: Caching per Joomla Language/Domain 02 Aug 2015 21:03 #1424

Your requirement is very special. Most live sites do not have such extraordinary size of cache storage and JotCache existing standard solution is in these cases suitable for normal cache operation.

The change of file system storage with additional language folders has impact on entire cache operation and management. Here are no plans to make such change in future versions of JotCache.
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