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setting up jotcache for virtuemart 02 Oct 2019 06:41 #2241


I have read through the instructions but they leave me with no clue as to how to set up jotcache using a virtuemart site. I have read elsewhere that I should

"JotCache Component – exclude views = com_virtuemart: cart, user, orders, askquestion, invoice, pluginresponse, state."

- But how do I do that? Where? And do I put in urls, or what?

Also, the last part of the article stated this:

"In the next part of optimization, we had to solve a problem: the first URL load (cache is not generated yet) was even slower than before the optimization.
We have therefore created a script which goes through the site map URLs and adds them to the cache list. This script is run by a CRON at 4 am – all the URLs are thus added in the cache with 24 hour period of renewal."

Can anyone point me in the direction for more information about this - I can do a bit of programming but I have never used cron jobs before and would not have a clue how to go about this. Is there something in jotcache's settings that also take care of this? Or joomla's? I have no idea how old this article is.

What settings should I use generally for virtuemart?


Joomla version : 3.9
JotCache version : 6.2.1
site template: VirtuePlanet VP Merchant
system plugins : virtuemart, jchoptimise, sh404sef, JSitemap Pro
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setting up jotcache for virtuemart 06 Oct 2019 13:38 #2244

Please read JotCache Help about exclusion of Joomla pages from caching The main page exclusion is done not by some URL strings but per component taking into account internal presentation of page URL (see 'eye icon' on JotCache Management View page). In very specific cases can be part of URL excluded in JotCache plugin (see again Help part ' Global exclude').

The precaching of site pages is often used on Joomla sites + JotCache with cron script based on script template which is part of Jotcache distribution under component directory /cron/cron_recache.php. This script template is necessary to individually adjust to your server and running conditions. How to set the script run as cron job please ask your web site provider.
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