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Exclude Rating 12 Jun 2017 23:03 #1967

Hi there,
JOT Cache is very powerful, but the main issues with JOT Cache are the exclusion of ...
  • Contactforms and Error Messages coming back. I had even an User Input cached.
  • loadposition and loadmodule ist not excluded
  • Rating - I would like to exclude Content Rating and the Victor Vogel Ajax Plugin based on it.
  • Also Easy Blog rating does not work as expected.
  • The Mark Url is overwriten I think by Map- or Adwordscode. So instead of an Url I have only: _ga=GA1.2.5542... .1497015560&...fe3ea0e138e105dd760ba=73f666399...e97b4465f&_gid=GA1.2.13...

These are real show stopper. Pls could you confirm, that this does not work or if I make any mistake? Thank You, Dan

Joomla version : 3.7
JotCache version : 6.0.2
site template: T3
system plugins :
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Exclude Rating 14 Jun 2017 08:33 #1968

Generally exclusions of part(s) of cached page are very rare in other CMS as Joomla. Also for Joomla does not exists official API which can solve such feature. Only Joomla content buffering allows to mimic module exclusion in some specific cases.

When site template and given module use this type of processing then it is possible in JotCache to exclude module positions from caching. The loadposition and loadmodule plugin operations does not fullfill described requirement and therefore is not possible to exclude module content which was somewhere injected in page content.

With the ratings it is a little bit other story. Here is necessary to include newest rating value into page content on very specific place which depends on used site template. In JotCache 6 is possible to modify each request of cached page by means of custom code (see /administrator/components/com_jotcache/custom/JotcacheCustom.dist.php with example of code for page hit incrementation (articles and K2 items)).
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