How to clean Joomla cache

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The content caching is very often used inside Joomla core as well as 3rd party's extensions. Main advantage is faster response of page content in browser but only in the case when the page or parts of it are already stored in the cache.

Process of caching of yet not cached page is time consuming and usually takes tens up to hundreds milliseconds for page content parts (stored in Joomla global cache) and several seconds for entire page content (stored in so called page cache). The cached pages on live site for hundreds or thousands pages are created during long time (up to several hours).

For smooth operation of web site using cache(s) are critical two activities:

a)    how to clean (delete) old cached content for the page which content was changed to ensure that the new page content is correct presented in the browser

b)    how to recache latest page content into the cache

These two kinds of activities have heavy impact on site fast response. Have a look on some used scenarios.


CASE #1: Clean all caches and recache each page with next visitor request

Basic Joomla approach to clean cache is to use System > Cache Clean in Administrator:

This approach is sometimes not so flexible because when editing an article it is necessary to switch to shown form then select mostly all cache groups and click on Delete button. To overcome this obstacle is mostly used very popular extension Cache Cleaner (NoNumbers).
Here with one click on specific button (shown in backend as well in frontend) you have possibility to clean all Joomla caches.

When the caches are empty then starts time-consuming process of filling of the cache with each page content during visitor requests.

CASE #2: Selective clean cached page and recache it with JotCache

JotCache has three possibilities to clean cache in more selective manner:

1. Delete can be applied to each selected cached item in JotCache Management View e.g. you can clean single page from cache

2. Delete Domain is shown when JotCache is working with Multisite option enabled and one of domains of cached pages is selected in JotCache Management View. All cached pages having URL of selected domain are deleted.

3. Delete ALL cleans all cached items stored in the cache

Prior JotCache version 5.2.0 all three functions were applied only to page cache leaving global cache intact. Newest JotCache version automatically cleans not only page cache but also global cache.

JotCache has also possibility to clean and recache (items, domain, all) in one single step:
1. in administrator backend with Recache function

2. in frontend with Renew function

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