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After two release candidates stable JotCache ver.5.0.1 is now available on download area. Major new features against ver.4. are presented in article JotCache 5.0.RC with memcached storage and other new features.

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JotCache ver.4.2.2 used with Virtuemart 2 currency selection

currency-select2JotCache is often used on Virtuemart shopping sites with good results for much faster page responses. But in cases when shop was configured to run with different currencies until present time was not possible to use any page caching.

The reason behind problematic behavior with page caching is usage the same URL for pages (product categories or product details) with different page content caused with currency presentation and recalculation. In case of active page caching  the first page content with some currency was stored into cache. All later requests to the page returned not actually set currency but currency from first cached content.

jotcache-plugin-setting-session-varsIn Virtuemart 2 actual set currency for each visitor is stored as session variable 'virtuemart_currency_id'. JotCache ver.4.2 can distinguish the value of session variable and to store different page content in cache storage. JotCache system plugin has new parameter ' Session Variables Split' which is used for described purpose.

jotcache-options-session-vars2After proper setting of session variable can be seen product pages cached with different value of session variable in JotCache Management View table. For better overview can be set in component options parameter 'Show session data'.

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JotCache 5.0.RC with memcached storage and other new features

Development of JotCache reacts on requirements comming from forum discussions and practical experience with  thousands of Joomla web sites. Newest developed major version of JotCache is ver.5.0 primarily prepared for Joomla 3.3. New features covers following areas :

  • Multisite operation
  • Use of memcached (server) as cache storage
  • Extended URL caching rules (include/exclude general mode, using logical AND in rule expressions)
  • Cache Operation Modes (previous Browser Split) with possibility for each browser category (incl. phones, tablets) to select own operation mode - exclude from caching, use common cache (for different browser categories) or use individual cache

Now look on memcached server used as JotCache cache storage. General meaning about using different storages for caching can be expressed as :

Local disk caching is faster than using a local memcached (due to communication performed via TCP/IP protocol), and much faster than using a remote memcached server (TCP/IP connections with network latency).

Memcached storage for JotCache requires :

    Memcached server (service on Windows) which usually listening on port 11211
    PHP module memcache (lighter, oldier solution) or PHP module memcached (newer solution)

Memcached settings in JotCache are independent from global cache setting in Joomla and they are defined on storage tab of JotCache plugin edit form :


More informations about new JotCache version you can find on JotCache 5.0 Help.

Download is available in pre-release section.

Any remarks to JotCache 5.0.RC please to present on Twitter account @Jotcomponent or JotComponents Forum JotCache Pre-release Feedback.

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JotCache 4.0 with recache functions

New major version of JotCache was developed with the aim to make easier handling with cache and cached content. New features are not limited only to recache functions but these ones are significant step forward in JotCache functionality.

JotCache has now functions to recache pages either manual in Joomla backed and frontend or by means of batch processing started from dedicated page in site backend. These features are usually used by site administrators but they can be also available for users with rights of Manager (here is necessary to set before usage the user permissions as it is written in JotCache Help).

Batch processing is performed with jotcache plugins. Three of such plugins are included in JotCache 4 installation file :
•    Crawler
•    Crawler Extended
•    Recache

The crawlers allows to fill the site cache with new cached pages as well as to recache not yet expired pages with new content (if it is available).
The recache plugin restores latest page content for all pages which are still available in JotCache database (they can be also in meantime expired).

jotcache recache control

With recache plugin is also possible to recache only selected part of cached pages based on selection, filtering or title search.

It is necessary to take into account that browser initiated and controlled recache process can take long time and different limitations and timeouts from PHP and servers can be applied. From this reason browser initiated recache process is suitable for relativelly small number of site pages (max. in range of hundreds pages).

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